Shared Heartbeats

read feel act

I took a step back from blogging over the Summer. I felt like there wasn’t much left to say. Our adoption had finally been approved and we were enjoying the chaos of a normal family life without that dark cloud hanging over us. I wanted to leave my blog public for anyone who may be going through the process of step parent adoption in the hope that what we experienced may offer some support or practical information to others.

Before our son was legally secure within our family, I would often have nightmares of losing him to an unknown force. They shook me to the core. Even now, the thought of one day having to say goodbye to either of my children is almost too much to bear. It is every parents’ worst nightmare. This nightmare has recently become a reality for far too many people. Children of the conflict in Syria have been bombed, tortured, orphaned and murdered. I can only imagine their terror. Waiting for a superhero that never arrived. Their only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Those who survived have been forced to flee their home and reach their hands towards the unknown for help. They have taken desperate risks that no one would dream of taking unless their life and their family’s life was in danger. Many have died while trying to reach safety. Those that have survived the journey are now depending on our ability to understand. To be able to consider for a moment what they have endured. To see their children and recognise their heartbeat in our own children. To take a moment to wonder how what we would expect if we were the ones asking for help from those who could easily offer refuge.

Our family’s story had a very happy ending. Others have reached their final chapter far too soon. And there are stories that parents are desperately trying to re-write. If we can offer a fresh page, absent of pain and fear, why wouldn’t we?

The wonderful Irish Parenting Bloggers have created a blog hop to generate support for those families caught in the current refugee crisis. Although my blog has been dormant for a while I wanted to add my voice to their chant. We need to start acting and we need to keep talking about this. We need to be constantly asking ourselves what we can do both as an individual and as a nation. We cannot continue to pretend that these people are not real when they are sitting at our train stations or drifting precariously in our waters.

It’s difficult to sit with the frustration of not being able to offer practical assistance. But there are ways you can help today.

  1. Sign the petition to ask the Irish Government to do more to help. Just click here.  For anyone in the UK you can sign a similiar petition here
  2. There are numerous charities helping the refugees crossing the Mediterranean sea. Please, please donate even a few euro to Medecins Sans Frontieres, Amnesty International, or Trocaire.
  3. Alternatively, if you’d like to be part of a very worthy organised event the Irish Parenting Bloggers have organised a virtual coffee (or tea!) morning – check out and ‘like’ the Facebook Event page here  –  to help raise much needed funds for the Ireland Calais Refugee Solidarity Campaign. On Friday, September 11 just pour yourself a cuppa; go to and make a donation to the fund (we suggest €5 per person but please give what you can) and upload a screenshot of your donation plus a pic of yourself enjoying your cuppa to your Facebook page or other social media channels and tell your followers all about it.  Then just link to this event to encourage your friends and family to take part too.

Click on the link below to read the other Irish Parenting Bloggers posts and please feel free to spread the word by sharing on social media platforms using the hashtag #ReadFeelAct.


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