Butterflies and Being an Irish Parenting Bloggers Finalist

I have been walking around today with a secret. It wasn’t a heavy, dark burden like those I used to carry with me before the adoption. This one gave me butterflies every time it sprung into my mind. Yesterday evening the finalists for the 2015 Irish Parenting Blogger awards were announced. My little blog, Adopting My Own Son, stood among four other writers for both the Most Inspirational Blog and Best Special Interest Blog. I had to read the words a few times over before I allowed myself to believe it. I was honoured, amazed and more than a little emotional.

These awards are judged by fellow peers, bloggers who I admire and who have pushed me to be a better writer and braver person over the past few years. When I first shared the existence of this blog with the group, their support and encouragement was overwhelming. It has almost been two years since I started writing about our progress and I still haven’t shared the blog with friends or family (apart from my husband, of course). I shared with the group a photo of our beautiful boy the day he was adopted because I felt such support and positivity emanating from their words every time I spoke about what we were going through. I have such respect for their opinions that to be considered by them for an award, never mind two, is an absolute honour. I had the privilege of being able to vote in the awards too and the standard was so incredibly high that some fantastic blogs that I love and read regularly did not get a place in the final. I consider myself very lucky to be a member of such a special group and I am so proud to display the IPB awards finalist badge on my page(top hand right of the home page!)

The downside of an anonymous blog is that instead of shouting from the rooftops that I had received such wonderful news, I had to keep quiet and carry on as normal! This blog will always remain anonymous because my son’s story and my own story are forever intertwined. He has the right to decide how much of his story he wants to share as he grows older. The purpose of this blog was to share my experience and give as much insider information as possible to families who are also going through stepparent adoption. It became a great space to heal and I am in a much better place now than when I had written my first post.

That internal darkness is getting steadily brighter and this gorgeous secret is another light in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


10 thoughts on “Butterflies and Being an Irish Parenting Bloggers Finalist

  1. lifeonhushabyefarm says:

    Could not be happier to see you there, honoured to be witness to your courageous journey xx
    Well done!

  2. Grace Hill says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am adopting my own son also, although my story is different. My son’s “cell donor” abused him as an infant and left. He has no memory of her. I married my husband and am now adopting my son at age 8. I will pray for your family; I understand your pain and anger.

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