Our Adoption Story

As our son grows older, we want him to understand how he was created and what role each person played in bringing him into the world. Because he was so young when we undertook stepparent adoption we promised ourselves that we would always be honest and upfront with him about his origins.  We want him to understand that his biological father and I created him while his Daddy and Mammy are the people who have cared for him since birth. Our son loves reading so we decided to make a little storybook for him. We did stick figure drawings and wrote short sentences that we read to him every night. Within a few sittings he could tell us who made him, who made his little brother and who his parents were. Everything was presented in a positive, happy light. After the adoption we wanted a proper book that he could sift through during his childhood years and ask questions as they arose for him. Our artistic skills weren’t up to the task so a wonderfully talented young man named Thomas undertook the challenge. We sent him our scribbles and sketches and he sent us a beautiful depiction of our family’s story. With his permission I’d like to share a few of his intuitive images.

The story begins with two houses; mine and my husband’s as children. We explain how our parents looked after us when we were young. We use the terms ‘Nana’ and ‘Grandad’ so that our son will start making the connection. Then my husband and I are shown going to separate schools but still being best friends throughout.

The biological father gives me a “present” and my son grows in my tummy

We present my pregnancy as a wonderful present from the biological father. He then returns home and his part in the story is complete. We don’t explain why; at the moment no explanation is needed.


Mammy and Daddy wait for the baby to arrive


At home with the new baby

We bring our son home from the hospital and we describe all of the things we do to care for him (eg nappies, baths, walks, cuddles).


Daddy, Mammy and our son wait for the little brother

In the next part of the story my husband gives me another present. This time it is a little brother. Again we take him home from the hospital, love him and care for him.


Our family portrait

The final image is big brother and little brother playing on the see-saw together, a favourite pasttime in our house. Although this blog is anonymous, I can assure you that the likeness in these drawings is uncanny! We are forever grateful to Thomas to his sensitivity and talent in creating these gorgeous drawings for us.



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