Support From Friends and Family

I realised recently that every post I have written so far on this blog has arisen from anger. The unfairness, the absurdity and the futility of what we are enduring drives me to record and describe our experience. It is necessary, but for those visiting the blog it can be heavy reading! So today I want to share the love that I have also experienced during this challenging time.

We are gradually letting those close to us and in contact with our son know what is happening in our lives. All the information surrounding the adoption can be a little overwhelming, and I have worried that some would react negatively to the choices that we have made. But the reality has been quite the opposite so far.

Those that have listened have done so with compassion for us and our child. They have sympathised, understood, hugged and comforted. They have given us those precious words of encouragement that remind us why we are doing this brave act of love for our son. They have looked at the situation from the outside and validated our sense of injustice and feelings of hurt. They have commended us for taking this difficult path that will secure our child’s future and his place in our family.

My best friend sat and listened to my update today, and quiet tears rolled down her face as she heard what I had been through. Her understanding was all that I needed to pull myself out from under the sad cloud that had followed me these past few days.

The supremely talented Tric at My Thoughts On A Page wrote a beautiful post dedicated to us and our quest yesterday, and the comments that followed gave us such comfort during a difficult week.

It is these acts of kindness that will help us find the light at the end of this long tunnel.

If you are currently undergoing this process, I would advise you to keep talking about it. Do not hide your feelings. Share your experience and your woes, as those around you may be able to hold you up when you feel most like falling down.


2 thoughts on “Support From Friends and Family

  1. Sabri says:

    I am sorry I am new to the blog and the forum where I found the link. Is this happening in Ireland?? Is the AAI involved in this? I am speechless….I thought we had problems with them but this is insane!

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